berean fundamental Baptist Church Staff

Berean Fundamental Baptist Church, Staff is dedicated to serve and make positive impact.

It is not just professionalism and expertise that set our staff apart. They also have a strong commitment to the church mission, to the quality of their work, and to the members of whom they are serving.

The Executive staff consist of the following:

  • Dr. Elie Jean-Pierre, Pastor 
  • Deacon Board ( 5 Members )
    1. Br. Sainvil Bréus
    2. Br. Nonlac Lezin
    3. Br. Maxi Deforge
    4. Br. Guerson Deshommes
    5. Br. Joseph Dorsainvil
  • Br. Dely Jean Louis, Treasurer
  • Br. Jean Claude Charles, Asst. Treasurer
  • Br. Harold Jean-Pierre, Secretary
  • Br. Roosevelt Biean-Aime, Asst. Secretary