Children Ministry

What to Expect at Berean Baptist Church Children Ministry

  • Berean Baptist Church Children Ministry is a place where kids can have a great big and happy life with a great God.  
  • It is also a place where faith, imagination, and learning go hand in hand.
  • Children Ministry at Berean Baptist Church is a place where loving God is cool and kids rule!


Berean Baptist Church Children Ministry serves infants through 5th grade and divided into the following sections:

  1. Infants ages from 3 - 5 with Sister Emmanuella François as the ministry leadership, assisted by Myriam Cardichon and Kathy Pierre and also teachers.
  2. Children ages from 6 - 7 with Sister Shedline Bien-Aime, Leader / Teacher 
  3. Pre-Teen ages from 8 - 11 with Sister Wanda Morancy, Leader / Teacher 

Please come by and great the kids and those who volunteer to help these children to grow in God's word and love.